Vacinação dos jovens (em inglês)/ youth vaccination

Devemos Injectar os nossos filhos com “uma Vacina” contra um virus que não mata jovens? 

I write in English to best communicate my message to you all. (I’m a Finn... Jorma Talas PhD, and I’m studying all the information to try and understand what is really going on). 

Anyone who wants to contact me can write in Portuguese, I will respond in Portuguese. Find me on Facebook: 

Let me tell you something. The death rates for and complication rates for children for SARS-COV19 are next to ZERO! Now ask yourselves the question. Do you want to subject your children to a “vaccination” that is still going through clinical trials until 2023?  

If you had asked me what I thought abought the regional government and Dr. Pedro Ramos before the Pandemic, then I would have said they were doing a perfectly reasonable job. However, I am shocked that Dr. Pedro Ramos encourages injections for anybody under 30 years of age. 

Death rates and Intensive Care Rates for under 30s are near zero if without other complications. 

Why are we injecting our children? 

There are many Podcasts concerning the effect the vaccines have on the ovaries of young women. This Injection has not been through properly investigated or tested. 

Parents, please do your homework. We love our children. 

Jorma Talas,  PhD.

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